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The Library is now open on Wednesday's and Saturday's between 2pm and 4pm.

We have now published a list of member's surname interests which will be updated regularly.

The Society now has a group on Facebook which anyone can join. Group members will post updates on the people they are interested in contacting and information will also be published in the journal.

Meetings and Events for 2022

January 21st - Peter Kelly - "Wish you were here" - a postcard tour of the Isle of Man.

February 18th - Anne Craine – "From Maughold to Mysore"

March 18th - Sue King – "From Kings to Innkeepers, Stories of Life at Ballaragh"

April 15th - Dr. Fenella Bazin - "Managers, servants and slaves: women and society in the Viking Age"

May 20th - Dr. Breesha Maddrell - "Looking out to sea, Mona Douglas’s cultural connections"

May 21st - History Day

June 26th Outing - Marinda Faragher - "The life and 'mysterious murder' of Betsy Juan y Wyllar"

July 15th - Members' Evening

August 19th - Peter Killey - "A brief history of the Isle of Man Fire Service"

September 16th - Mike Buttell - "Lost lines of the Isle of Man Steam Railway"

October 21st - AGM

November 18th - Trevor Gibbs - "With Courage, Nothing is Impossible - Sir William Hillary, the almost forgotten hero" Read about previous meetings and presentations.